This site has three parts.

  1. Introduction to the iPad (below) which supports my hands-on workshops where I cover the topics under Home, Main Apps, Settings and Apps & Media .
  2. and the Extras which is a large collection of articles about using an iPad and iPhone which go beyond the basics. When you are on the Extras page click Follow  to receive an email notice when there is a new post.
  3. Under Advanced there is a page for a course on Blogging.

John Travers

Note: some of the menu items have sub pages


Welcome to iPad and iPhone for beginners

This site supports hands-on workshops for beginner iPad users and is designed to support home practice. The first half dozen menu headings support the iPad Introduction workshops and the Blog supports advanced workshops.

The Blog provides much more information on a wide range of topic for those ready and interested to explore more can be done with an iPad and an iPhone. Much of this material is also relevant to Android devices. Different layout but the same functions.


Where to get more help

There is a mountain of information and advice online on how to use an iPad. These are some of the official sources, but often the best of all is just go to the search box in Safari and type your question, like “iPad keyboard tips”, or “IOS how can I edit a photo”. Just provide a few key words and Google will do the rest. See Searching Tools in the Blog. [to get back to this page click the back arrow, top left corner of the page]

Apple iPad Manual

Click this link for the complete  iPad Manual and choose the latest edition for iBooks and it will appear in iBooks. You might find it convenient to get the manual on your computer (same link) so you can read it there while trying things out on your iPad.

Apple online support

Go to is  http://www.apple.com/au/support/ipad/ It is very detailed. Hint: Notice the link to see where you are going:  apple… au… support… iPad

Saving this address  on your iPad home page

Type the address below in the search bar at the top of your Safari page.


When the page appears, (1) tap the Action button  then (2) select Add to Home Screen then Add, and you will have an icon on your Desktop linking to this site. You can do this for any website you are going to visit regularly.